The 5 Best Smart Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are a versatile piece of fitness equipment, but if you like to track metrics, a smart jump rope can really level up your workout. The best smart jump ropes are adjustable for your height, track the metrics you care about (such as workout time and number of jumps), and offer any additional features that matter to you, from guided workouts to removable handle weights. Your ideal smart jump rope should also display metrics using an easy-to-read LCD screen or app, depending on your preference. Most of these jump ropes are battery-powered, but keep an eye out for USB-rechargeable ropes if that sounds more appealing to you.

How Does A Smart Jump Rope Work?

One of the main functions of a smart jump rope is the built-in fitness tracker that counts how many times you jump. Almost all smart ropes have an LCD display that can track your jumping time and number of jumps, as well as allowing you to select intervals, different jumping modes, and other functions to help you level up your workout. However, smart jump ropes that connect to an app will offer additional features, like an easy way to post your personal stats, compete with friends, or look at graphs of your progress.

Beyond the “smart” aspect, there are a few other features to consider based on your preferred type of workout: If you want a jump rope for cardio or speed work, most ropes are lightweight enough to meet your needs. However, if you are looking to add more strength training, there are options with removable handle weights, which can be used to transform them into weighted jump ropes.

How Long Should Your Jump Rope Be?

Finding a jump rope with an adjustable length is essential for effective jumping, especially if you’re sharing the rope with another person whose height isn’t the same as your own. To determine your ideal length for most standard jumping, put the rope on the floor and place one foot in the middle of the rope. Pull both handles upwards until they’re evenly taut on both sides. The spot where the rope meets the handle on each side should be between your armpit and the top of your shoulder to give you the right amount of rope for jumping. However, if you’re more of an advanced jumper or want to do some CrossFit double unders, you might want the rope to hit at your armpits or below for a tighter jumping arch. That said, the proper rope length for you depends on your form and technique, so adjust the rope as you need – some ropes even come with ties to secure loose ends.

Finally, if you’re working out in a small space that won’t accommodate a swinging jump rope or if you tend to trip over the rope, some options allow you to remove the rope part entirely; and instead, weighted balls attached to the handles will mimic the feeling of jumping rope.

Whatever your fitness goals and needs, jumping rope can help improve strength, increase endurance, and can even be genuinely fun. Take a look at these highly rated smart jump ropes on Amazon that can take your skipping to the next level.

1. The Overall Best Smart Jump Rope For Most People

A clear LCD display can be essential when you’re skipping and want to see how many jumps you’ve already done. That’s where this smart jump rope comes in. You can set the display to either free jump, a timed countdown, or a countdown for the number of jumps you’re hoping to complete, to focus on the metrics you want to spotlight. For additional features, you can connect to the smartphone iOS or Android app via Bluetooth to count your jump time (with a timer to tell you when you’re done), total number of jumps, and more.

The adjustable rope measures 9.85 feet long and is made of lightweight PVC steel wire that’s okay to use both indoors and outdoors. The plastic handles are covered in EVA foam so they’re comfortable to grip without slipping, and they come in your choice of orange or black. The rope is powered by two AAA batteries (which are included in your order). If you prefer the option to remove the rope part, the brand also makes a newer version of this rope that offers a cordless feature for a little bit more.

Helpful Amazon review: “Bought this jump rope to help keep fitness goals on track while traveling. It’s compact, lightweight and requires two batteries (included with our purchase). The app is a fun way to track your activity and pauses the timer each time you stop jumping – giving a more accurate read on your stats. The jump rope length is adjustable so both myself (5’6” and my fiancé 6’1”) can both use it.”

2. A Screen-Free Smart Jump Rope With A Robust Mobile App

If you want all the metrics, stats, and data, then go with this stellar smart jump rope. Unlike most smart jump ropes, it actually have an LCD display, but it connects via Bluetooth to a really comprehensive mobile app (which works with iOS or Android) instead. The app tracks your number of jumps, time spent jumping, other goals you have, and more. Plus, it graphs your monthly and yearly activities to chart your progress. For extra motivation, the app allows you to unlock awards, challenge other users, and put your stats on the leaderboard to compare your ranking to users from around the world. And if you’re looking for some variety in your jumps, it even offers an interval mode with easy and difficult settings.

The rope, which comes in a handful of different colors, is made of polypropylene plastic that’s good for indoor and outdoor use. It measures just under 10 inches long, and it’s easy to adjust the length of the rope without having to cut it or disassemble the handles. A 3-volt coin battery in one of the handles should last for about 6 months if you work out for 30 minutes a day, according to the brand, and can be replaced as needed. The jump rope also comes with a handy storage pouch.

Helpful Amazon review: “This is easy to use and connect to the app. I like the app because it monitors how many jumps, how long you jumped for, and lets you set goals for yourself similar to how your apple watch or similar device has step goals. If you had other friends that have this product you could even compete with them using the app. The ‘rope’ part is adjustable which is good because I am only 4’11 so the rope was superrr long when I got it. I think this is perfect for some simple at home work outs.”

3. A Weighted Smart Jump Rope With A Removable Rope

To incorporate an extra element of strength training to your jumping, this smart rope comes with a removable weight in each handle. The weights aren’t particularly heavy (with the weights installed, the handles weigh 0.27 pounds each) but you’d be surprised by how much oomph they add to your exercise! The jump rope also comes with optional weighted balls you can attach to the handles in place of the rope, which mimic the feeling of normal jumping but won’t trip you or require much floorspace. And yes, they actually work — as one reviewer even marveled, “I honestly did not notice I wasn’t jumping a real rope except for not tripping.”

In terms of smart features, this rope doesn’t have an app. However, the LCD screen tracks the number of jumps and the time you’ve been jumping. It also has an alarm you can set to go off when you’ve hit a goal time.

The 9.8-foot PVC rope is available in a few different colors and has an adjustable length. The handles are covered in anti-slip silicone so they’re easy to grip. The jump rope is powered by a 3-volt coin battery; and the rope has a battery pre-installed, plus it comes with an extra battery and a screwdriver to help you replace it later on.

Helpful Amazon review: “This is a great way for me to get up and moving inside my own home. The handles are sturdy and well-balanced. The option to use the rope lets me get used to the rhythm of this old skill, and the option to take the physical rope off is perfect for all the home workouts I’ve been doing over the past few months. It’s also nice, since I’ve got various long term injuries, to be able to do a low-er impact workout without the physical rope attached. The electronic counter’s helpful so i can keep track and strive to out-do my last jumping session. For anyone who needs that extra push to do indoor cardio, this cordless jump rope is a pretty cool option.”

4. A Fan-Favorite Smart Jump Rope That’s Easy To Adjust

This speed skipping rope boasts more than 10,000 reviews and a solid 4.4 rating overall for its functionality and simplicity. It doesn’t have an app to connect to, making it ideal for someone who just wants the basics on an LCD screen, including a timer, and jump counter, along with some health-related information. If you’d like to skip for a set amount of time, there’s a timer to let you know when you’ve hit your goal, too.

The rope measures 9 feet in length, and can be adjusted to be shorter if you’d like. One nice feature is that the jump rope includes rope binders to tie up loose ends, so the extra rope doesn’t get in your way after you shorten it. The durable steel rope is coated in PVC, and the handles have a non-slip design. The rope is powered by a 3-volt coin battery; it comes with one battery that should last for a while, and you can replace it as needed.

Stash the jump rope in the included storage bag in between uses.

Helpful Amazon review: “This jump rope is perfect! Not only did it come with its own storage bag but it keeps tracks of every jump. I’m participating in a jump rope challenge and this helps me to keep track throughout the day without restarting the jump count until I hit the restart button. It is also super easy to adjust the length of the rope (for people of different heights). I highly recommend!”

5. A Smart Jump Rope You Can Charge Via USB

When you’d rather not bother with batteries, this smart jump rope is a good choice. Charge it for two hours with the included USB cable, and it should last on standby for up to 45 days between charges. The rope has a small high-definition LED screen on the handle, which can count your time, number of jumps, and battery information. You can also select a free jump setting if you’d prefer. A vibration effect will let you know when you’ve hit your goal. If you’d like additional features, use Bluetooth to connect to the corresponding app for iOS and Android. The app can track your number of jumps, time elapsed, and overall fitness progress with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs.

The adjustable-length 9.6-foot rope is made of steel and PVC with plastic handles. It also comes with a storage sheath.

Helpful Amazon review: “I am very satisfied with this smart rope. Adjustments are easy to make […] Overall, the rope is great and syncing it with your bluetooth is very simple. The tips where the ropes attach rotate freely and make for a very smooth workout. This rope gets a 5 out of 5 in my book. It vibrates to let you know when you’ve hit a bench mark and the app is very user friendly.”