Support your local crisis pregnancy center

Pro-life pregnancy centers and churches around the country have been vandalized in a string of attacks following the leaked
Supreme Court
draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade.

One of the most recent attacks happened last night in
Asheville, North Carolina,
where police were called after staff at the Mountain Area Pregnancy Services found broken windows and graffiti of an anarchist symbol alongside the phrases, “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you!” and “No forced birth,” according to
ABC 13 news
. The NC Faith and Freedom Coalition
that the center is cleaning up but is

“committed to keeping appointments today.”

“Our hearts are saddened by the vandalism conducted on-site early this morning,” Executive Director Kristi Brown told the Washington Examiner. “We treat our clients with love, respect, and honor, and to see someone purposefully treat us in the opposite manner is heart-breaking.”

“We are grateful that our client rooms were not damaged and that we are able to continue providing services to women in need,” Brown said. “We are asking to people to pray for us with the emotions that an event like this produces, pray for rapid cleanup, and consider giving financially to help pay for the damage repair.”

Another attack also occurred last night in Buffalo, New York, where the CompassCare pregnancy center was fire-

And last Friday, the Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center was
by activists who spray-painted the words “Jane Says Revenge” on the brick wall and splashed red paint on the white door.

Janet Durig, the center’s executive director, told the Washington Examiner that she is “really grateful” for the Metropolitan Police in Washington, D.C., who cleared up and power-washed the graffiti, and for the generous outpouring of support the clinic has received from the community through donations and prayers.

Since the vandalism, Durig says the staff has quickly “went back to work as usual helping people.”

have taken place over the past couple of months at pregnancy centers in Lynnwood, Washington; Denton, Texas; and Reisterstown, Maryland. Attacks have also occurred at the office of Oregon Right to Life and the Wisconsin Family Action headquarters. A leftist group going by the name of Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for the Wisconsin and Lynnwood attacks, according to

Daily Signal

Abortion rights advocates often make the absurd claim that pro-life advocates support “forced birth” and do not care about babies after they are born. Yet, it is the radical pro-choice activists who are actively trying to impede the efforts of pro-life centers that support women during and after pregnancy.

Along with physical attacks, a slew of articles in the past weeks have attempted to undermine the legitimacy of pregnancy centers, including one in the New York Times
“Pregnant? Need Help? They Have an Agenda.”

The piece accused crisis pregnancy centers of spreading misinformation and taking advantage of the client’s “economic vulnerability” and recommended that people concerned about the centers “[ask] their representatives or church leaders to stop funding C.P.C.s” and raise awareness in the community.

published in the Denver Westword and titled “We Need a Militant Mass Movement for Reproductive Rights,” called for “a militant, grassroots effort that engages the millions who oppose the leaked decision and puts their fury on full display for the entire nation to see.” One of the author’s demands was for the “elimination of ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ (fake abortion clinics).”

Planned Parenthood
calls pregnancy centers “dangerous” and claims they exist to shame women out of getting an abortion.

These allegations lack any basis in reality and ignore more than
2 million
women who have received free ultrasounds, free baby items, parenting classes, and other forms of support from pro-life pregnancy centers. But it’s not surprising that those who defend the killing of unborn babies would resort to lies and violence to get their way. And it’s not surprising that an industry that charges, on average, over
$500 per abortion
would take issue with the free services these centers provide.

Abortion rights advocates can’t have it both ways. They can’t accuse pro-life groups of not doing enough and then forcefully attempt to stop their efforts.

Yet, even amid the visceral hatred coming from the Left, it is encouraging to see pregnancy centers responding to attacks with continued service to their communities and a desire to continue helping women in need. Now, more than ever, we should support our local crisis pregnancy centers.