Skin wellness startup Forest Spa Finland using adaptogens in supplements and serum to target skin health

Founded in 2020, Forest Spa Finland offered a beauty supplement made from a blend of adaptogens that targeted skin immunity and was set to launch an adaptogen face serum in March, this year. Both products used Nordic forest-sourced ingredients, including Chaga mushroom, Pine bark extract and Bilberries, with the supplement packaged in Finnish startup Sulapac’s sustainable wood chipping by-product pots​ and the serum set to launch in a glass bottle with an eco-friendly pipette.

Inside-out ‘equal hero products’ for skin wellness

Daniel Collins, founder and brand director of Forest Spa Finland, said keeping adaptogens central to the formulations was key for the brand, and there were plenty of potent actives to be sourced from plants growing in the often-harsh conditions and climate of the Nordic region.

“We know adaptogens is a term that’s used for a lot of different plants, but ultimately, they’re things that help how your immune system works,”​ Collins told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

Adaptogens​, he said, had great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helped target lots of internal issues causing skin problems and were particularly potent in ingestible format. But Forest Spa Finland also saw great potential in improving overall skin wellness by combining adaptogen-containing ingestibles with adaptogen-containing topicals – taking an “inside-out approach to skin care” ​– which, he said, was by far the brand’s number-one unique selling point.

“Because we cusp on both of those areas, we’re able to draw on consumers in both areas (…) But I think storytelling is key – educating our consumers. People are fascinated by the Finnish side and those things give us a little bit of a boost in an area that is very busy with new products and new brands,”​ he said.