Sex expert WARNS how a simple sex toy mistake could result in a trip to hospital!

Unusual anecdotes about people presenting up at the ER with strange objects lodged inside of them are prevalent, and peculiar X-rays of phallic gear wedged inside genitals can be easily found on the Internet courtesy to memes and tabloid blogs. Considering documented medical occurrences of unusual things emerging inside people who claim to have fallen into them by accident, according to Nadia Bokody, a sex writer, the most prevalent situation experienced by ER staff is people losing vibrators in human genitals.

Despite the fact that three out of every four adults own one, the misuse of vibrators and dildos is alarmingly frequent, given that we have no form of teaching about how to use them. One of the most prevalent misconceptions when it comes to sex toys, according to Bokody, is assuming that all pleasure gadgets can be inserted. Butt plugs, rabbit-style vibrators (with rabbit-like ‘ears’ at the end that restrict the toy from going much deeper), and dildos with artificial testicles at the base, according to Bokody, are all instances of items with a flared base that are safe to put inside you.


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UK TikToker @sophzaloafs recently published an X-ray with her fans, which revealed a three-inch vibrator lodged inside her rectum. She says in a now-private video that when doctors failed to remove it manually, the “only option was to have it surgically removed.” The TikToker was awakened from surgery to find the device in a plastic bag by the bed but she could still feel the vibrations present. 

“It must’ve had a self-timer, it must’ve just, you know?” she said. “Or they thought,  ‘She had such a good time. Let’s replace the batteries for her completely free of charge.'” Bokody wrote, “It’s a tale fit for a Farrelly brothers movie, but also an optimistic one – because most lost sex toy stories don’t end with a zany punchline and two hours remaining battery life.”

Bokody continued, “Vibrators lodged inside the body can lead to serious internal injuries like bowel perforation, and cause excruciating pain. And they often result in an exxy medical bill and months of uncomfortable recovery, if not permanent damage.” 

“This isn’t designed to scare you out of ever reaching for a handheld pleasure device again. By all means, go forth and insert away. Vibrate to your heart’s content! But don’t be too proud to read the instruction manual first, and, as the saying goes, ‘If it has no flare, it probably shouldn’t go up there,'” Bokody concluded.

Who is Nadia Bokody?

Nadia Bokody is a sex-positive Australian journalist and mental health advocate who has dedicated her career to combat any sex taboo. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts (2003-2005), a Diploma of Education (Secondary Education) in 2006, and a Graduate Certificate in Journalism (2009-2010) from Charles Strut University.

According to Nadia Bokody’s LinkedIn profile, she is a sex writer, YouTuber, and media pundit who is passionate about empowering women in all aspects of their lives, including sexuality, relationships, and mental health. She’s most known for her controversial and entertaining weekly sex column on, where she candidly discusses her sex adventures as a millennial woman navigating modern hookup culture. Her work has also appeared in The Washington Post, Huffpost, Thought Cataloug, and other publications.