Eden Space creator provides online support for pregnancy, postpartum

For Sioux Falls native Hannah Sammons, creator of Eden Space, helping others was something she always wanted to do. 

For those navigating pregnancy or struggling with postpartum depression, Eden Space provides an online community where women and their birth partners can be heard and receive help through mindfulness and togetherness.

“My mother grew beautiful gardens,” Sammons said. “So when I think of Eden Space, it’s not so much like the Garden of Eden, necessarily. It’s just a place of abundant, natural beauty, and that’s always how I’ve thought of and perceived motherhood–parenthood, personhood–to be.”

Online resources for postpartum

Sammons’ primary background is in nursing. She started off as a birth doula while getting her undergraduate degree at South Dakota State University and then became a nurse on the labor and delivery unit and postpartum units at Sanford.