Fixing Your Golf Swing – What Does it Entail?

Breakthroughs in golf are unlikely to be achieved from data and information but rather better strategies and methodology of application of what is already known to us. The following are some of the simple yet effective ways of fixing your golf swing.
Don’t Rush In: You must accept the fact that your golf swing can’t be fixed overnight. Most of us tend to overload ourselves by the excess amount of instructions from the trainer and as a result, things get messed up. It is always wise to get one or two principles and try to be perfect at doing them. Don’t try to fix your rotation, pivot and back swing all at once, instead spend a proper amount of time on back swing itself.
Rhythm and balance: These are the two most essential elements of a perfect golf swing. Try counting through the rhythm to get a steady beat. You can take help of the two balls technique. You have to place two golf balls directly behind each other on the ground and then swing your club. If the back ball gets hurled off, you are being too fast with your wing. Try to ensure that the back ball moves just a few feet in order to get the perfect swing.
Practice away from the golf course: Yes, you read that right. You will be distracted by the ball flight and all other things that happen on a golf course. Instead, you should find a place in your backyard to hit the ball few times a day in the nets In case you don’t have a place at your home, simply swinging the golf club may greatly improve swing.
Follow the basics: Make sure that your left arm and shoulders should be at about 45 degrees to each other. This will let you create a right angle between the club and your hand and as a result, your shots will have greater power and leverage. For better downswings, you should try to keep your shoulders stable in order to reposition the club for delivery with the face flush. You should let your arms flow through the air without any resistance at all.
Take Necessary supplements: Most often our body tends to lose agility and develop severe joint related issues due to long and engaging sessions. Taking diet supplements like instaflex advanced can greatly improve the mobility of keens, ankles, shoulders, and hands by providing advanced joint support. Instaflex advanced can prove to be of great help in assisting you to fix your golf swing by providing the necessary support to your joints. One capsule a day will get you the best results.

Famous Golf Courses around the World

Golf is one of the most prestigious games played around the world. The larger percentage of golf players and enthusiasts comprises of corporate heads and moguls. Like multi-million football and basketball stadiums, golf courses are also unique, beautiful and expensive grounds and major tourist attraction sites. Golf courses around the world differ in size, toughness and prestige depending on the location and kind of tournaments played there. Here are five famous golf courses around the world and their details.

1. Royal County Down, Northern Ireland
Located in Newcastle, N. Ireland, United Kingdom, the Royal County Down is one of the most famous golf courses across the globe. It is also one of the most attractive courses, located at the foot of the Mourne Mountains and stretches to the Irish Sea. Tom Morris designed the 18-hole course with a championship course that measures 7,200 yards (6,580 m). Royal County has hosted a fair share of famous golf tournaments since its establishment 127 years ago. Some of the tournaments include The Irish Open, European Tour, Palmer and Walker Cups and Senior British Open Championship amongst others. Renowned professional golfers like Tom Watson have praised the courses tranquility and challenge, especially on the first nine holes.

2. Pebble Beach, California
Designed over 90 years ago by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant, Pebble Beach is a luxurious and world-famous course located in the West Coast. The course has been voted the world’s most beautiful golf course by Golf Digest and hosted some of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world including U.S Open and PGA Tour. The course has hence hosted the crème de la crème in golf including Tiger Woods, Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Kite. The championship course 6,737 yards and attracts some of the highest green fees at $495 per round. The course was also awarded the best golf course’ open to the public in the US. Pro golfer, Jack Nicklaus once stated that if he had one last chance to play golf, it would definitely be at Pebble Beach.
3. Royal Melbourne, Australia
The Royal Melbourne is an exquisite and expansive golf course located in Eastern Australia, frequently referred to as, the finest golf course in the southern hemisphere.’ Designed some 127 years ago by Dr Alister MacKenzie, the course comprises two separate courses with 18 holes on each hemisphere. The two courses are ranked amongst the best courses in Australia and outside the US. The club is also the oldest existing golf clubs in Australia with a capacity of up to 15,000 spectators. Moreover, the Royal Melbourne has hosted prestigious golf tournaments like the Australian Open, The Presidents Cup and Women’s Australian Open.
4. Leopard Creek, South Africa
Located in the South African savannah highlands, Leopard Creek is one of the best safari golf courses in the world. The course borders the famous Kruger National Park separated only by the crocodile-infested Carving River. It poses some of the most challenging courses in the world due to the beautiful scenery and obstacles, which include animals, birds and the terrain. The course, opened over two decades ago hosts exquisite tournaments like the European Tour and the Alfred Dunhill Challenge. It is also ranked as one of the best golf courses in South Africa and Africa at large.
5. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, New York
The course is located in Southampton; Long Island, New York ranked the oldest golf clubhouse in the US since its establishment in 1891. Shinnecock has also been voted as one of the best golf courses around the world due to its beautiful scenery. The championship course extends over 6,996 yards (6,397 m) and has hosted notable tournaments like The US Open. It is also projected to host the same event in 2018 and 2026. The 18-hole course also poses some of the best and most challenging terrains, making it an ideal course for professional golfers.

What Is Your Mentality?

If you have ever heard the phrase, “Golf is 90 percent mental”, you might have wondered what this is trying to say. In simple words, you need to have your head in the game in order to play better. The most important aspect of a golf player is their swing, but imagine a person whose swing is extraordinary and worthy of a few wins, but he doesn’t know how to control his mindset. More than likely this person will not make the holes as often as he could. In reality, some golf players are defined more by the way they think rather how they swing. The physical abilities of a player only create a potential in golf, but how the player effectively applies them is what will make a difference. Next time you are out on the open field, before taking a swing, evaluate the mentality you are bringing to your game and how this could help or break the outcomes. If you are new to golf, the best mentality to have is a positive and a clear one of the fact that you are still learning and mistakes are always welcomed. You can learn how golfers do it here.

Other Important Items
Besides a certain mind, what other articles are a must along with your golf clubs? If you want to make sure to have a stress-free round, ensure you have a few of these items in your golf bag.

  • As obvious as it may sound, golf balls are a must. Either a new set for a competition or a special occasion, or even having a few old extra balls for when you want to practice.
  • You are more than likely going to play golf on a sunny day and it can be hard to see the ball during flight or lading, so make sure you always carry a pair of sunglasses in your golf bag to help your eyesight.
  • Lastly, for those sunny days that turn into an unexpected cloudy and rainy experience, having a rain glove will help those wet and slippery hands as you swing your club.

These are a few of the many items that will bring a positive experience out on the course. If interested, inform yourself of other must-haves for your golf bag.


There are endless tips and items that will offer a better experience for any golfer. No matter the years of experience, or the rookie who is starting out, learning something new about the sport will give a better awareness of what to expect and how to play better.

Basic Tips for Golf Beginners

A round of golf can be played by all ages and abilities together through its equitable handicap system, hence, it is extremely popular. If you don’t have the time or fitness level to play 18 holes (approximately 4 hours) you can play 9. It’s great exercise and is played in picturesque surroundings.

If you want to be certain that you are getting your game started on the right track get a golf pro to check your equipment to make sure it is suitable for you and also give you some lessons on the correct golf swing etc. You want to get the basics correct from the start.

Here are some golf tips for beginners

Golf Clubs

Firstly you are going to need a set of golf clubs. There is a large range to select from which can be very confusing. To prevent problems with unsuitable clubs get advice as to which clubs would be suitable for you from a club fitter or golf professional. Buying a half set of clubs to start with is an alternative option. Another decision is if you will buy a stand bag which you will carry or use a trundler. When choosing a bag to ensure that it has ample pockets for clothing, balls, etc.

Starting to Play

A sound way to get started is with a course of lessons which will teach you the correct basics. Often beginners will start by playing a few rounds of golf with family and friends and learn that it is harder than they realized. When they finally seek help from a professional to play better golf, countless faults have to be undone before the proper basics of golfing technique can be taught.

Warm Up

It’s a sound idea to get into a routine of warming up before you play. It is vital that you do some loosening exercises to warm up your muscles before you go to the tee and hit the first ball.

Golf Rules and Etiquette

Consideration towards your fellow players is a must. Be mindful of their safety and take good care of the course. Treat others as you would wish to be treated and leave the course as you would like to find it. Replace your divots, repair your pitch marks and rake the bunkers before you leave them. Be considerate when someone is taking a shot and watch the flight of the ball so you can help if it gets lost. There are numerous rules to be learned. Always have a rule book in your bag so if you need to you can refer to it. The best way to learn the main rules and etiquette is by playing with experienced players who can explain them to you when the need arises during your round of golf.

Golf is a challenging sport but these golf tips for beginners will help you get off to a good start and if your prepared to practice you will soon improve your golf and become addicted to the game.